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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Win on Sunday

On Sunday I went down to Windsor Arena to see the Spitfires take on the Peterborough Petes in the second last game at The Barn. Petes star and hometown kid Zack Kassian came to town and had a great showing. He is said to be top 15 talent for this years draft. While he had a good game with a goal and a fight. His team played awful losing 5-2 to the Spitfires. There was 3 scraps in the game, first a very dissapointing bout between Kassian and Greenop when Kassian just went for the takedown. second round was up and coming fan favourite Adam Wallace vs. Jack Walchessen, where Wallace won after destroying him by landing a multitude of right hands. After the game I saw Jack and he had a golf ball size welt on his cheek. The last one was Harry Young versus Zach Harden, where Young got the win in this captain vs. captain bout. Harry was kicked out of the game for having tape on his hand though. It was a great game and nice to see Steve Gleeson get his first win at the old barn.

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