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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Don Baylor - Baseball

Don Baylor
c/o Colorado Rockies
2 of 2
25 days

Don played 19 seasons in the MLB and was known as a power hitter. He hit 338 home runs and was a very accomplished player through his career, earning 3 Silver Slugger awards and an AL MVP award. He is currently a hitting coach for the Colorado Rockies, a team that he once was the manager.

Gilles Gratton - Hockey

Gilles Gratton
c/o Home
5 of 3 also signed 2 IC's
18 days
Gilles was a junior standout but it didn't translate to the pro game as he showed flashes of brilliance in the NHL and WHA. He was occasionally hot between the pipes but was better known as an eccentric figure who painted wild designs or animal faces on his masks and was outspoken throughout his career. He retired at the young age of 24.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jeremy Guthrie - Baseball

Jeremy Guthrie
c/o Baltimore Orioles
3 of 3 Personalized them To Robert like I requested
16 days

Jeremy was considered one of Cleveland's top pitching prospects but never florished as a starter for the Tribe. He was picked up by Baltimore and has become a very good pitcher with great stuff. He is usually overlooked since he plays in one of baseball's toughest divisions. His season has been up and down but he has began to settle in and will likely become a tough #1 or 2 pitcher for the O's. Jeremy was so kind to sign all 3 cards that I sent him. He must have took the time to read my letter also as he personalized all the cards to me and wrote an awesome inscription on my postcard. That is one of the things that makes TTM autographs so great, the autograph isn't just a generic scribble but he took the time to make it a very cool collectable. Thanks so much Jeremy and best of luck.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Brad Ausmus - Baseball

Hopefully I can start posting full time here. Ive been pretty lazy about it recently.

Brad Ausmus
c/o Los Angeles Dogers
1 of 2 kept 1 card
21 days

Brad has always been a great signer along with a very good catcher. He has made stops in San Diego, Detroit, Houston, and is currently playing for the Dodgers. While playing behind Russell Martin, he is having a much better hitting season batting over .280 which is 30 points higher that his career average.