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Friday, April 10, 2009

Angelo Esposito - Hockey

Angelo Esposito
c/o Montreal Junior
3 of 4 Did not sign 06-07 H&P. Personalized them all to me and finished the dual already signed by Guy Lafleur.
39 days

Brian Lee - Hockey

Brian Lee
c/o Ottawa Senators
1 of 5 kept all 3 08-09 H&P's i sent and sent back 1 of the i sent 07-08 H&P unsigned. He personalized the one that he did sign. At least he changed from a dying blue sharpie to a new black one for me.
17 days

Geordie Wudrick - Hockey

Geordie Wudrick
c/o Swift Current Broncos
3 of 3
50 days

Slava Kozlov - Hockey

Slava Kozlov
c/o Atlanta Thrashers
6 of 6
107 days