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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mail from a HOFer Peter Stastny

Peter Stastny
c/o Home
1 of 1
70 days

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sergei Berezin - Hockey

Sergei Berezin
c/o Home
7 of 7 All look, smudged. Must have been the Marker not working well with the card.
28 days

Nik Antropov - Hockey

Nik Antropov
c/o Atlanta Thrashers
5 of 5
25 days

Jamie Storr - Hockey

Jamie Storr
c/o Goalie School
6 of 6
24 days

Stephane Fiset - Hockey

Stephane Fiset
c/o Agent
7 of 7
52 days

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Andy Bathgate - Hockey

Andy Bathgate
c/o Home
3 of 3
55 days

Steve Smith - Hockey

Steve Smith
c/o Home
4 of 4
21 days

Friday, November 6, 2009

Brian Elliott - Hockey

Brian Elliott
c/o Ottawa Senators
2 of 2
14 days

Darryl Sutter - Hockey

Darryl Sutter
c/o Calgary Flames
2 of 2 Personalized "To Robert"
13 days

Sergei Gonchar - Hockey

Sergei Gonchar
c/o Home
6 of 6 I asked him to keep any he wanted, he didn't
22 days

Brian Savage - Hockey

Brian Savage
c/o Home
7 of 7 I asked him to keep any he wanted, he didn't
16 days

Niclas Wallin - Hockey

Niclas Wallin
c/o Home
5 of 3 including 2 IC's
16 days

Monday, November 2, 2009

5 more draft cards

Big thanks to Paul for getting 5 more Draft cards for me

#63 for the 2007 Set Nick Petricki

#87 and 88 for the 2008 Set Jacob DeSerres and Matt Calvert

#14 and 15 for the 2009 Set Alexander Urbom and Toni Rajala

The rest of the cards in the set can be seen here:

Pokey Reddick - Hockey

Pokey Reddick
c/o Home
2 of 2
54 days

Rod Langway - Hockey

Rod Langway
c/o Work
2 of 2
20 days

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Nice Surprise Al MacInnis Style

My cousin plays AAA hockey and he got the chance to play against Al MacInnis' son, so he approached him after the game and asked if he could sign some cards for him. Al did sign and my cousin gave me one of the doubles that he got. He said Al couldn't have been nicer and signed and talked to any person who wanted to.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Peter Sidorkiewicz - TTM

Peter Sidorkiewicz
c/o Erie Otters
9 of 9 asked him to keep any he wanted he did not.
17 days
Thanks Peter for the very quick success.

Robbie Ftorek - TTM

Robbie Ftorek
c/o Erie Otters
3 of 3 in black ballpoint pen
15 days

Thanks Robbie for the very quick return.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Don Baylor - Baseball

Don Baylor
c/o Colorado Rockies
2 of 2
25 days

Don played 19 seasons in the MLB and was known as a power hitter. He hit 338 home runs and was a very accomplished player through his career, earning 3 Silver Slugger awards and an AL MVP award. He is currently a hitting coach for the Colorado Rockies, a team that he once was the manager.

Gilles Gratton - Hockey

Gilles Gratton
c/o Home
5 of 3 also signed 2 IC's
18 days
Gilles was a junior standout but it didn't translate to the pro game as he showed flashes of brilliance in the NHL and WHA. He was occasionally hot between the pipes but was better known as an eccentric figure who painted wild designs or animal faces on his masks and was outspoken throughout his career. He retired at the young age of 24.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jeremy Guthrie - Baseball

Jeremy Guthrie
c/o Baltimore Orioles
3 of 3 Personalized them To Robert like I requested
16 days

Jeremy was considered one of Cleveland's top pitching prospects but never florished as a starter for the Tribe. He was picked up by Baltimore and has become a very good pitcher with great stuff. He is usually overlooked since he plays in one of baseball's toughest divisions. His season has been up and down but he has began to settle in and will likely become a tough #1 or 2 pitcher for the O's. Jeremy was so kind to sign all 3 cards that I sent him. He must have took the time to read my letter also as he personalized all the cards to me and wrote an awesome inscription on my postcard. That is one of the things that makes TTM autographs so great, the autograph isn't just a generic scribble but he took the time to make it a very cool collectable. Thanks so much Jeremy and best of luck.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Brad Ausmus - Baseball

Hopefully I can start posting full time here. Ive been pretty lazy about it recently.

Brad Ausmus
c/o Los Angeles Dogers
1 of 2 kept 1 card
21 days

Brad has always been a great signer along with a very good catcher. He has made stops in San Diego, Detroit, Houston, and is currently playing for the Dodgers. While playing behind Russell Martin, he is having a much better hitting season batting over .280 which is 30 points higher that his career average.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Angelo Esposito - Hockey

Angelo Esposito
c/o Montreal Junior
3 of 4 Did not sign 06-07 H&P. Personalized them all to me and finished the dual already signed by Guy Lafleur.
39 days

Brian Lee - Hockey

Brian Lee
c/o Ottawa Senators
1 of 5 kept all 3 08-09 H&P's i sent and sent back 1 of the i sent 07-08 H&P unsigned. He personalized the one that he did sign. At least he changed from a dying blue sharpie to a new black one for me.
17 days

Geordie Wudrick - Hockey

Geordie Wudrick
c/o Swift Current Broncos
3 of 3
50 days

Slava Kozlov - Hockey

Slava Kozlov
c/o Atlanta Thrashers
6 of 6
107 days

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tyler Ennis - Hockey

Tyler Ennis
c/o Medicine Hat Tigers
3 of 3
31 days

Drafted 1st Round 26nd overall by the Buffalo Sabres in the 2008 NHL Draft
Current Junior Club: Medicine Hat Tigers (WHL)
Career Junior Stats: 245 games 115 goals 121 assists 236 points
This Season's Junior: 61 games 43 goals 42 assists 85 points

About Tyler: He is a small shifty forward at 5'9", 164lbs who will have to get stronger if he wants to be productive at the next level. His point totals from last year are a bit before his previous year but his did miss 9 games many due to the World Juniors where he won gold for Canada. He showed up at training camp this season and saw the kind of shape teammate Nathan Gerbe was and asked him how he could get like that. Think Martin St. Louis but more of a pure goal scorer. He is the 3rd best prospect in the Buffalo system and rated a 8.0C by

Any Current Certified Autographs Available: You can pick up Tyler's autograph for $3-$10 for most of his autos and $20-$30 for H&P Superbox autos on Ebay.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jeremy Roenick - Hockey

Jeremy Roenick
c/o Home
4 of 4 and added an unsigned postcard for his website

Drafted 1st Round 8th overall by the Chicago Blackhwks in the 1988 NHL Draft
Last Junior Club: Hull Olympiques (QMJHL)
Career NHL Stats: 1354 games 512 goals 701 assists 1213 points
This seasons stats : 33 games 3 goals 7 assists 10 points

About Jeremy: He is a 6'1" forward who is likely to be inducted into the Hall of Fame after his career is over. He is one of the nicest guys in hockey and is always willing to sign an autograph or take a picture with a fan. Jeremy may be out of his prime but he is still one of the hardest working players in the NHL.

Any Current Certified Autographs Available: You can pick up Jeremy's autograph for $3-$30 and sometime more depending on the card.

Keven Veilleux - Hockey

Keven Veilleux
c/o Rimouski Oceanic
4 of 4
37 days

Drafted 2nd Round 51st overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2007 NHL Draft
Current Junior Club: Rimouski Oceanic (QMJHL)
Career Junior Stats: 193 games 53 goals 128 assists 181 points
This Season's Junior: 29 games 15 goals 33 assists 48 points

About Keven: He is a hulking forward at 6'5", 215lbs who has the size to play at the next level for sure. He has battled injuries this season but looks to be ready to go when Rimouski takes on Chicoutimi in the first round of the QMJHL playoffs. He is the 15th best prospect in the Pens system and rated a 7.0D by

Any Current Certified Autographs Available: You can pick up Keven's autograph for $3-$10 on Ebay. He only has one certified auto from Heroes and Prospects featured here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jack Skille - Hockey

Jack Skille
c/o Rockford Icehogs
6 of 6
62 days
Drafted 1st Round 7th overall by the Chicago Blackhawks in the 2005 NHL Draft
Last Junior Club: Wisconsin Badgers (NCAA)
Career NHL Stats: 24 games 4 goals 2 assists 6 points
This Season's NHL Stats: 8 games 1 goal 0 assists 1 point
This Season's AHL Stats: 51 games 17 goals 24 assists 41 points

Any Current Certified Autographs Available: You can pick up Jack's autograph for $1-$25 depending on the card. His Artifacts Auto Facts card seems to be the best seller, it can be purchased for $1-$5.

Jack was just recently called up incase Martin Havlat would not be able to play. I wish Jack the best of luck with his career and thanks so much for taking the time to sign my cards.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dan Cleary - Hockey

Player Name: Dan Cleary

Player’s Current Team: Detroit Red Wings

Player’s Current Address: Detroit Red Wings 600 Civic Center Drive Detroit, MI 48226Date

Sent out: 2/2/2009

Date Returned: 3/16/2009 (42 days)

Why go after this autograph: Dan is my favourite player in the NHL and of any player all time. I love his gritty style of play and how he will accept any role on the team. He currently is 11th on the Wings in scoring and has 37 points in 62 games.

Any Current Certified Autographs Available: They are many Cleary autos on Ebay as he now is signing more for Upper Deck. You can pick one up for $2-$10.

Mikael Samuelsson - Hockey

Player Name: Mikael Samuelsson
Player’s Current Team: Detroit Red Wings
Player’s Current Address: Detroit Red Wings 600 Civic Center Drive Detroit, MI 48226Date Sent out: 2/2/2009
Date Returned: 3/16/2009 (42 days)
Why go after this autograph: Mikael was a member of the Red Wings Stanley Cup finals run last season. He is currently 9th in Red Wings scoring with 38 points in 69 games.
Any Current Certified Autographs Available: There are currently no certs of him on Ebay. You can pick up a signed 8x10 or puck for $20-$25. Though I would not touch them.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jiri Tlusty - Hockey

Jiri Tlusty
c/o Toronto Marlies
6 of 6 #16 for my 2006 NHL draft set
46 days

Drafted 1st Round 13th overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 2006 NHL Draft
Last Junior Club: Saulte Ste Marie Greyhounds
Career NHL Stats: 72 games 10 goals 10 assists 20 points
This Season's NHL Stats: 14 games 0 goals 4 assists 4 points
This Season's AHL Stats: 55 games 23 goals 37 assists 60 points

Nick Foligno - Hockey

Nick Foligno
c/o Ottawa Senators
4 of 4 #15 for my 2006 NHL draft set
46 days

Drafted 1st Round 28th overall by the Ottawa Senators in the 2006 NHL Draft
Last Junior Club: Sudbury Wolves
Career NHL Stats: 111 games 19 goals12 assists 31 points
This seasons stats : 66 games 13 goals 9 assists 22 points

Friday, March 13, 2009

Karl Alzner - Hockey

Karl Alzner
c/o Hershey Bears
2 of 3 kept a 08-09 H&P
38 days
At least i got #34 for my 2007 Draft set
Drafted 1st round 5th overall in the 2007 NHL Draft by the Washington Capitals
Last Junior Team: Calgary Hitmen (WHL)
Has played 30 NHL games and has a goal and 4 assists
Ranked as the best prospect in the Caps system
Rating 8.0B

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Michal Neuvirth - Hockey

Michal Neuvirth
c/o Hershey Bears
3 of 4 Took my Spitfires team set card :( :( :(
There are not enough angry smilies to describe how made i was
16 days

At least i got #6 for my 2006 Draft set
Drafted 2nd round 34th overall in the 2006 NHL Draft by the Washington Capitals
Last Junior Team: Oshawa Generals(OHL)
Has played 9 AHL games and is 4-3-2
Ranked as the 15th best prospect in the Caps system 4th best goalie
Rating 6.5 C

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Steve Downie - Hockey

I thought was a goner since he was traded November 7th and this was sent November 6th
Steve Downie
c/o Philadelphia Phantoms
2 of 2
66 days
Drafted 1st round 29th overall in the 2005 NHL Draft by the Philadelphia Flyers
Last Junior Team: Kitchnener Rangers(OHL)
Has played 46 NHL games and 6 in the playoffs 7 goals 6 assists 13 points
Not ranked in Tampa Bay's top 20 prospects
Rating 7.0B

Josh Unice - Hockey

Josh Unice
c/o Kitchener Rangers
5 of 4 also signed an IC
42 days

Drafted 3rd round 86th overall in the 2007 NHL Draft by the Chicago Blackhawks
Current Junior Team: Windsor Spitfires
Ranked as the 13th best player in the Chicago system and 2nd best goalie
Rating 7.0D

Good luck and Windsor and go win the Memorial Cup

Tim Thomas - Hockey

Tim Thomas
c/o Bruins
3 of 3
21 days

Drafted 9th Round 217th overall by the Quebec Nordiques in the 1994 NHL Draft
Last Junior Club: U of Vermont
Career NHL Record: 90-66-23 Shutouts 10
This seasons record : 17-4-3 Shutouts 3

Thanks so much Tim and Keep up the Great play this season

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kari Lehtonen - Hockey

Kari Lehtonen
c/o Agent
3 of 3
48 days
Drafted 1st Round 2nd overall by the Atlanta Thrashers in the 2002 NHL Draft
Last Junior Club: Jokerit Helsinki
Career NHL Record: 79-71-27 Shutouts 11
This seasons record : 4-10-2 Shutouts 0
Best of luck Kari hope your season gets better.