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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jeremy Roenick - Hockey

Jeremy Roenick
c/o Home
4 of 4 and added an unsigned postcard for his website

Drafted 1st Round 8th overall by the Chicago Blackhwks in the 1988 NHL Draft
Last Junior Club: Hull Olympiques (QMJHL)
Career NHL Stats: 1354 games 512 goals 701 assists 1213 points
This seasons stats : 33 games 3 goals 7 assists 10 points

About Jeremy: He is a 6'1" forward who is likely to be inducted into the Hall of Fame after his career is over. He is one of the nicest guys in hockey and is always willing to sign an autograph or take a picture with a fan. Jeremy may be out of his prime but he is still one of the hardest working players in the NHL.

Any Current Certified Autographs Available: You can pick up Jeremy's autograph for $3-$30 and sometime more depending on the card.

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