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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On the Peterborogh Side

Here are my totals since the Petes side was packed with many family members of the players. The parents liked seeing the customs I made and always want to know where I get them. They usually make sure that Their son signs for me.

Coach Ken McRae 1/1 Index card
Tony Romano 3/3 2 7th Inning cards 1 Draft card
Sergei Korostin 2/2 1 7th Inning 1 Draft Card
Jason Missiaen 3/3 1 7th Inning 1 Draft Card 1 8x10 Man is he tall, he's 6'7" and I was talking to his dad who was only 5'10, he said he has no clue where the height comes from.
Zack Kassian 3/3 1 7th Inning 1 Tough Guys 1 8x10

Missed Yves Bastien, Ryan Daniels

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