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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On the Windsor Side

Skate with the Spits today which meant a lot of people waiting after the game so I didn't ask certain players as I could tell that they were pissed. Its understandable I wouldn't want 15 little kids grabbing me and yelling and screaming.

Here's how I did

Greg Nemisz 1/1 7th Inning card
Adam Walace 2/2 7th Inning and Tough Guys I also gave him a copy of each which he liked
Adam Henrique 3/3 1/1 2 Custom Team Set cards 1 Tix Card and 1 Draft 8x10
Andrew Engelage 2/2 Custom Team Set and tix card
Ron Soucie 2/2 Custom Team Set card and OHL ID team set
Rob Kwiet 1/1 Custom Team Set card
Eric Wellwood 1/1 Custom Team Set card
Harry Young 2/2 Custom Team Set card and OHL ID team set
Austin Watson 1/1 He changed his sig in a good way and his dad saw the card he signed and he wanted more of them and wanted to know where I got them and he was telling me where he sits and the next game he will be there so I could bring him some, which I will for sure.
Dale Mitchell 3/3 H&P 1 smudged its my 10, 11, 12 signed H&P of him.
Ryan Ellis 1/1 Magazine Cover
Justin Shugg 1/1 Tix Card
Conor O'Donnell 1/1 Game used Puck which he tossed to me after a game, Too bad the Silver Sharpie looks awful on it, I want to take it off and get it signed in blue.

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