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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fan Packs Recieved

I've really been slacking on updating this so here's what I got fanpack wise in the last 2 weeks.

Buffalo Sabres

1x Magnet (Ryan Miller)
1x Ticket stub
1x Picture of Ryan Miller
2x Stickers of the logo

New York Mets

2x Ticket Stubs

Seattle Mariners

6x Player Cards
2x Brochures
1x Pocket schedule
1x Window Cling

Minnesota Timberwolves

1x magnet schedule
4x team stickers
1x autographed oversized player card (Chris Richard)

Milwaukee Brewers

1x Oversized player cards (Bill Hall)
1x Player card (Dave Bush)
1x Mini Magazine

New Jersey Devils

1x Ticket Stub

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