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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Craig Monroe TTM Autograph

Craig Monroe
c/o FSN Detroit
3 of 3
11 days

Craig was always one of my favourites when he played in Detroit. He had a ton of power and hit some monster homers, he was also an absolute beast in the 06 playoffs and was one of the big reasons for the Tigers making the World Series. Thank you so much for signing my cards.

Tim Kerr TTM Autograph

Tim Kerr
c/o Home
5 of 3 also signed 2 IC's
14 days

I'm always happy to add a former Spitfire to my collection, even if he only played a few games. Tim was also a 50 goal scorer in a season. Thank you so much for signing my cards.

Ed Johnston TTM Success

Ed Johnston
c/o Home
3 cards
14 days

Thanks Ed for signing my cards.

Baseball Autos

I picked these up off Sportlots. Got the whole lot for $27 shipped. Thought it was a pretty solid deal for a few top player and tough/ non-ttm signers.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Eric Nesterenko TTM Success

Eric Nesterenko
c/o Home
4 of 2 including 2 IC's
10 days

Eric was an excellent penalty killer and even was a full-time university student during his playing days in Chicago. Quite a feat knowing personally how difficult it is to juggle school and everything else, let alone play professional hockey.

Patrick Maroon Failure

May 28th

Patrick Maroon
c/o Syracuse Crunch
0 of 2 but my cards were returned
127 days

I got letter back that they found my letter in his locker after cleanout and they wanted to return my cards. The letter was hand signed by a member of the PR team and it seemed sincere.

Eric Staal TTM Success

May 28th

Eric Staal
c/o Parents House
3 of 3
1162 days (3 years, 2 months)

I really had given up on this one, especially after seeing successes last year from his house and team, I assumed that my request was lost. This is the second time Eric has been so kind to sign for me. My request had also come back with a Canadian stamp on it but was postmarked from North Carolina. Needless to say I was very happy to get this one back.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dana Tyrell TTM Autograph

May 23 

Dana Tyrell
c/o Tampa Bay Lightning
2 of 3 kept a card
122 days

Jonathan Huberdeau TTM Autograph

May 22

Jonathan Huberdeau
c/o Saint John Sea Dogs
2 of 2 one being a blank piece of photopaper that will one day be turned into a draft card. 
419 days

Sergei Bobrovsky TTM Autograph

May 18

Sergei Bobrovsky
c/o Flyers Skate Zone
3 of 3 
117 days